Full Grooming service includes:

Bath with shampoo and conditioner, brushing and blow dry, expressing anal glands (exterior), cleaning inside ears, nails cut and filed, haircut or deshedding, perfume, and bows or bandana.

All grooming services have a 24hr warranty.

 Prices for Dogs:

Chihuahua (Short or long hair Chihuahua)         $27.50

Small (Poodle, Shih Tzu, Schnauzer, Yorkie, Maltese) $35.00

Medium (Cocker, Bassett, Beagle, Bulldog)            $38.00

Large (Lab, Boxer, Pit, German Shep., Husky)      $50.00*+ and up

*(From 50 and up to 70 lbs with short hair)
+ (Prices vary for Bigger dogs with longer hair)
We charge extra: To remove matted hair, price depends on severity of mats.

Prices for Cats:

Prices start at $55.00 (only by first appointment in the am)

*Bath N Brush Special Without haircut or deshedding)

Chihuahua         $20.00

Small                $23.00

Medium           $25.00

Large               $29.00 and up

*Bath and Brush, includes shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, brushing hair, nails, ears, glands, perfume and bandana.


Price determined at check in. Price will increase with growth. The same applies for dogs who get bigger even if they are not puppies.

 **Flea/ Tick Dip:

Small               $12.00

Medium          $17.00

Large               $23.00 and up

**Plus the price of grooming


Special Shampoos:($7.00 small, $9 medium, $12.00 Large)

Oatmeal & Baking Soda Shampoo

Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Flea & Tick Shampoo

Skunk Odor Remover (solution and shampoo) $12 small, $17.00 medium, $23.00+ large

Tooth Brushing & Rinse:
We provide disposable toothbrush and toothpaste and dog-safe mouth rinse.
Tooth Brushing & Rinse $4.50

Nails Cut & Filed:

Dogs             $8.00 Clipping + $6 Filing

Cats              $15.00

Caps             $15.00


First Time           15% off, except Bn’B*

Monday              10% off

Tuesday              Big dogs for $23 bucks (Bn’B*)

Wednesday on Rojas & Desert: 2 for 1 and a half (50% on 1 of the 2 dogs full grooming)
Wednesdays on Mesa            Military, EPPD, US Customs, Border Patrol, EPFD 15% Off

Thursday on Rojas & Desert:  Military, EPPD, US Customs, Border Patrol, EPFD 15% Off
Thursday on Mesa              2 for 1 and a half (50% on 1 of the 2 dogs full grooming)

Julian’s VCC ($24.99)             10% Off any grooming services

We charge 2% extra in all credit card transactions.

Restrictions apply, only one special at a time. Discounts don’t apply to Bath and Brush. We DO NOT commit to prices over the phone, we would have to see your dog first.